Rack Armour Upright Guards

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    Rack Armour Upright Guards

    Rack Armour Upright Protectors

    Rack Armour is an innovative rack protection device which signifies a departure from old methods of upright protection. Rack Armours strength is in its simplicity – it simply clips onto your existing or new racking without the need for further fixings and quite simply, it works!
    Rack Armour aims in the first instance to avoid impact from occurring. Its conspicuous colouring and shape provides a clear indicator to Mechanical Handling Equipment operators for their safe operating boundaries, thus reducing the major cause of chronic damage to Racking Uprights.

    • Made from Ballistics Grade Plastic – No rust, and has the ability to reform after impacts
    • No fixings required – no drilling in to your floor, faster, easier and simple to install
    • High visibility colour as standard
    • The guard can operate down to – 40C
    Size Guide to fit following Racking
    Size ASize BSize C
    Link 51 (83mm)
    Apex (80mm)
    HiLo KS (75mm)
    PolyPal (85mm)
    AR Racking (80mm)
    Stow (80mm)
    Macalux U80 (80mm)
    Redirack SD (83mm)
    DexionP90 (90mm)
    HiLo Premier Rack (90mm)
    Planned Storage (85mm)
    Bito (90mm)
    Dexion P100 (100mm)
    Mecalux U101 (100mm) Link 51 Drive In (120mm)
    PolyPal Drive In (120mm)
    Redirack HD (100mm)
    Nedcon (100mm)
    SSI Schaeffer PR600(100mm)

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    Excellent product, installed professionally and with very little disruption.
    Steve SmithGreat Yarmouth