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Pallet Rack Inspection Services

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Inspecting your Racking – Why is it Important to check your racking solution.

As with anything that is in constant use, you need to ensure that it’s in tip top condition and working within all current health and safety regulations, which means regularly checking and replacing anything that doesn’t meet the standard.

When it comes to warehouse management, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so making sure that you schedule in regular visual inspections as well as annual rack inspections will save you time and money in the long run.
Failure to carry out regular inspections with a qualified person could lead to prosecution if an accident were to happen, and the same goes for failing to suitably repair or replace damaged or broken equipment.
Here at Dexion, we have extensive experience within the pallet racking industry and as such can offer advice and assistance with all aspects of the design, manufacture, installation and inspection of pallet racking.

Why do I need to inspect my racking annually?

In order to comply with European Standard EN 15635 Steel Static Storage Systems, you need to have records that prove you have carried out an annual inspection. Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment provides instruction regarding the inspection of racking structures.
Section Expert Inspections, states “A technically competent person shall carry out inspections at intervals no more than 12 months. A written report shall be submitted to the PRSES with observations and proposals for any action necessary.”

What do I need to check on a weekly basis?

A visual inspection is enough on a weekly basis. EN15635 section Visual Inspections states that “the PRSES (Person responsible for storage equipment safety) shall ensure that inspections are made at weekly or other regular intervals based on a risk assessment. A formal written record shall be maintained.”

What is the difference between the weekly and the annual checks?

Weekly checks can be carried out by a competent member of staff that knows what they are looking for and how to report any findings. An Annual check must be carried out by a technically competent person, with a much greater understanding of pallet racking systems.
Dexion Anglia are fully qualified in both weekly and annual inspections as well as being able to train your existing team on how to complete the checklists themselves.
Please feel free to contact our team further if you require our expertise or have any questions regarding your pallet racking system that we have not answered here.

Classification of Damage:

Green: Damage to be monitored

Area within the SEMA allowable limits and does not require a reduction in carrying capacity or an immediate repair system. The area should be recorded for further consideration at the next annual inspection.

Amber: Hazardous Damage

Area where the damage is sufficiently serve to warrant remedial work but not sufficiently serve to warrant the immediate offloading of the rack. Once the load in the area is removed it should not be reloaded until the repairs are carried out. If repairs are not effected in 4 weeks an Amber risk item automatically because a Red Risk Item.

Red Risk: Very Serious Damage 

Areas where a critical level of damage is identified which warrants an the immediate offload of racks, until repair works is carried out.

To highlight the importance of keeping your pallet racking in top working order, please view the video below. Book your Rack Inspection and also here are some Rack Protection Ideas.


We can Inspect & supplied genuine repairs to many of the top brands as well as Dexion, such as. 

Don’t put youself, your employees and your company at risk! Book your Rack Inspection Here



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